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Inter-ceremony graduation

The University holds graduation ceremonies twice a year, in summer and winter. The usual expectation is that students will graduate at the next ceremony following the successful completion of their studies. The award certificates are issued to students at the ceremony or sent to them after the ceremony if they choose not to attend in person.

Students who wish to follow the inter-ceremony procedure (see below) may apply to have their awards conferred in absentia by the University in March or October. If you choose to follow the inter-ceremony route and to have your award certificate early, this does mean that you will not be able to attend a ceremony in person. If you wish to be present at a ceremony you will have to graduate in the usual way and wait to receive your certificate at the ceremony.

If you need to receive your certificate early and wish to apply for the inter-ceremony graduation, please complete the application form (see below) and return it, by the stated deadline, to staff in the Graduation team (UK Campus); Student Registry (Malaysia Campus); Faculty Office (Ningbo Campus). Deadlines for the receipt of applications in those offices are 20 February and 20 September.  

Students who wish to graduate between ceremonies

If you require your award certificate prior to the next set of graduation ceremonies, you should complete the application form (attached). The form makes it clear that by choosing to follow the 'inter-ceremony' graduation route you will be able to have your certificate once the award has been conferred by the University of Nottingham (in mid-March or mid-October) but will forfeit the chance to attend a ceremony in person.

You should return the completed form to the Graduation team who will distribute the form to the relevant Service Centre. Forms must be returned by 20 February (for formal approval and issue of certificates in mid-March) or by 20 September (for formal approval and issue of certificates in mid-October). After this date the next opportunity to graduate will be December or July.

Immediately after the deadlines given above have passed, each Office should submit copies of the students' application forms and relevant passlists to the Student Service Centre so that conferral of the awards can be formally confirmed. The usual checks to ensure the student is eligible to graduate (ie that the examination process is complete in its entirety and that debts to the University have been cleared) should be made before documentation is submitted to the Graduation team. A procedure document will be circulated and should be followed when processing inter-ceremony applications.

Once formal approval that the awards should be made has been received, the Graduation team will compile a consolidated list of names. Award certificates will be issued showing the dates of either 15 March or 15 October as the date on which the awards were conferred. Student Services/School/MEU Office staff should also enter the March or October date as the date of conferral on the student record system. When graduation literature is circulated subsequently, students who have already graduated by the 'inter-ceremony' route should not receive information about the ceremonies. The graduation programme will include a section listing all the names of students whose awards have been conferred in absentia prior to that ceremony. 

Forms - Inter-ceremony graduation form


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