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We are a global community of over 300,000 Nottingham graduates, who help current students and each other to be the best we can. Discover our world of networks, opportunities and life-long career support to help you now and in the future.  



Brexit: Where are we now?

The end of the year marks the passing of the official transition period and the UK leaving the European Union. But what remains to be done before then and is there any likelihood of a deal being signed before the end of October? We asked some of the University's leading experts to catch us up.

Managing the imposter phenomenon

Ever heard of the imposter phenomenon, that feeling of doubt about your accomplishments that can leave you feeling a 'fraud' and incompetent at your job? Dr Terri Simpkin, Associate Professor at Nottingham University Business School, explores how workplaces are affected by this phenomenon and what leaders can do to better support those who feel like they are "faking it".

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