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How we can help you

As Nottingham alumni, you have a lifelong connection with the University and all those who have studied here. 

Our alumni team can help you make the most of your Nottingham networks and connections.   

So if you'd like to come back to campus, get in touch with a friend, network with fellow professionals or continue lifelong learning, then we are here to help.    


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Lifelong learning

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Continue your education with our outstanding range of lifelong learning resources and services

Careers support


Continue to benefit from careers advice and support long after graduation

Your alumni networks 

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Stay connected to your former school or department, or get in touch with a fellow alumni


Facilities on campus 

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Access a range of facilities on campus, including our world-class libraries and sports facilities

Organise a reunion

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Find out how we can help you to plan and deliver a self-organised reunion 


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Visit the Students' Union online store and explore a huge range of official University merchandise 


Other ways we can help


Alumni Relations

Portland Building
The University of Nottingham
University Park
Nottingham NG7 2RD

telephone: +44 (0)115 823 2408
fax: +44 (0)115 951 3937