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Class of 2019 – your world awaits

Welcome Class of 2019!

As you crossed the stage at graduation, you became part of our alumni community, one that is just as Nottingham as you are. It's people who have travelled the same roads, taken the next step and found their own path. And for you, this community can be anything: a leader, a dreamer, a mentor, a link-up, a helping hand up. This network is already out there. All it needs now is you. 

Choose how you want to keep in touch

Tell us how you want to keep in touch with the University now that you've graduated.


Discover your alumni world

Career Mentoring

Would you benefit from mentoring?

Use our alumni career mentoring service and get the guidance you need to achieve your goals


Alumni at the 2017 House of Commons reception

Join us at our alumni events worldwide and become part of an ever-growing community

Graduate quiz

What kind of graduate are you? Take our quiz to find out!

Are you more of an artist, an entrepreneur or a leader? Take our short quiz to find out!


Professional networking

Network with your alumni community

Join our professional networking groups and meet the people in the know 

Lifelong learning

Expand your mind with a free online course or webinar

Continue learning throughout your professional life with our lifelong learning resources 


Access your alumni careers service

Take advantage of your lifelong access to the Careers and Employability Service 


Volunteer for us 

would you make a good volunteer?

Learn new skills and take on a new challenge by undertaking a  volunteering role

Inspiring alumni

Our inspiring alumni include the band London Grammar

From Olympic athletes to award-winning musicians, learn more about our inspiring alumni 

Campus facilities

An alumni using the climbing wall at the David Ross Sports Centre

Discover a range of world-class  campus facilities open to you as alumni 


Alumni Relations

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