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Latest on the Student Life blog

My Internship Experience

Over the summer I was lucky enough to secure an internship through the Nottingham Internship Scheme. This meant that for four months I was a Website Update and Funding intern at the Nottingham Elders’ Forum. One day I would be copywriting and producing new content for their website and the next I would be research ...

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Maintaining long distance friendships at university

Growing up, my friends and I dreamed of travelling across the world for university whilst maintain a ‘sisterhood of the traveling pants’-esque friendship. Having spent 2 years in Nottingham with friends in New York, Singapore, Sydney and the likes, I can truly attest that one of the hardest parts of leaving home is leaving your ...

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Three Weeks into Third Year

Somehow, I have managed to complete full two weeks of uni *pats myself on the back*. If we were being technical, I actually done three, because you know, Welcome Week and all that *gives myself an even bigger pat on the back*. So, as a university veteran who is now in their third and final ...

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