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Field Trips

Field Trips

The best way to develop your field skills is to immerse yourself in the environment on one of our field trips.

Your degree offers numerous opportunities to travel to inspirational destinations in the UK and overseas, through our diverse range of modules. Not only will you have the chance to put your knowledge into practice, you will also enhance the skills and techniques you'll need for your professional career.

Interests and skills

Field trips focus on a range of interests and skills, for example:

  • The rationale and techniques of field study in both human and physical aspects of geography
  • Training in physical geography field and laboratory techniques
  • The fundamentals of fluid flow, sediment transport and bank erosion in rivers
  • Mineral resource use
  • How fossils and sedimentary rocks are used as geological proxies for past environmental change, and for exploring future climate change
  • The relationship between climate, environment and society
  • River management and restoration issues
  • Practical issues of capturing and using digital Geographic Information (GI) in the field
  • Principles of landscape history and historical ecology
  • Geological mapping field skills


You can find out more about our current field trip destinations below:

New York, USA

Module: North American Urban Geographies

On this five-day trip you will study complex urban processes in this leading global city. By the end of the module you will gain an in-depth understanding of the socio-economic, political, and cultural dynamics of New York City.

The Lake District, UK

Module: Geographical Field Course

On this four-day intensive residential field course in the Lake District, teaching concentrates on the rationale and techniques of field study in both human and physical aspects of geography. Particular emphasis is placed on the design, practice and analysis of small research projects. This field course is compulsory for all courses provided by the school.

Malham, North Yorkshire, UK

Module: Techniques in Physical Geography

This residential field course in Malham, North Yorkshire, provides training in physical geography field and laboratory techniques, as well as guidance in the planning and execution of individual and group research projects.

Porlock, Somerset, UK

Module: River Processes and Dynamics

On this three-day residential field course in Porlock, Somerset, you will explore the fundamentals of fluid flow, sediment transport and bank erosion in rivers, which are essential for understanding contemporary issues in hydrology.

Mount St Helens, Washington, USA

Module: Practical River Management and Restoration

Mount St Helens in Washington, USA, is one of the world's most important natural laboratories for the study of severely disrupted rivers. On this 12‑day trip students will examine river processes and dynamics within the context of human efforts to manage and restore these systems.

Berlin, Germany

Module: European Urban Geographies

This residential five-day field course to Berlin provides students with an understanding of the evolution, socioeconomic, political and cultural dynamics of the city.

Derwent Valley, UK

Module: The Cultural Geography of English Landscape

A one-day excursion to the Derwent Valley focuses on how the landscape can allow key areas of cultural history to be explored.

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Module: Quaternary Environments

On this 10-day trip, you will explore the relationship between climate, environment and society over the last 10,000 years. It enables you to examine a range of data sources for reconstructing past environmental change, while undertaking your own fieldwork project.


The above modules have a field course element and are inspired by the research interests of our staff. As a result modules may change due to research developments or legislative changes, for example. The above list is an example of typical modules that we offer, not a definitive list. The variety of field courses which are offered to students may vary from year to year.

Fieldwork is an integral part of geographical study, and the opportunities to gain valuable practical experience within the School of Geography at Nottingham were fantastic.

Whilst learning from passionate experts about practical field methods enhanced both my knowledge and employability, it also gave me the chance to find that all important winter sun in exotic locations like Mexico!

Jack Starbuck, BSc graduate

Watch our field trip videos

Video by students Hannah Kemp and Emily Richardson showing their third year field trip to Mount St Helens (USA).

Follow a group of third year geography students as they embark on a field trip to Berlin.

Follow the journey of a group of students as they explore and conduct research in Varese Ligure, Italy.



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