Tai Chi and Tea

11 - 22/06/2018

Tai chi 2 600w

Presented as part of the University's Wellbeing Programme, we are delighted to offer staff the opportunity to take part in a Tai Chi and Tea session.

Originating in ancient China, Tai Chi is one of the most effective exercises for your mind and body health.

Tai Chi combines deep breathing and relaxation with flowing movement and can lead to reduced stress, improved posture, balance and general mobility, and as well increased muscle strength. Just 45 minutes of this gentle martial art can focus the mind, formulate thoughts, develop creative ideas and de-stress the body.

The sessions will be completed with a cleansing Chinese tea to enjoy with your colleagues. Rooms are booked for indoor sessions but if the weather is nice the instructor may move the session to a quiet spot outdoors.

Sessions will take place across our campuses. All staff are welcome to attend.

You can book your place at a session using the following links: