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Smart Industrial Systems

In our new industrial age, smart factories will deliver highly personalised goods and services.

This demands a profoundly new approach to how we create, manufacture and use products.

Towards smart production of smart products

Smart industrial Systems

Our digital technology research will enhance the way we live, work, play and travel. We will establish a programme of fundamental and powerful discovery to respond with speed and agility to the unprecedented pace of change in our world.

By bringing together expertise from informatics, creative design and industrial technologies, as well as the social sciences, our discoveries will enrich personal experiences, build better-connected societies and provide exciting opportunities for business in our skills-rich economy.

Meet some of our experts

Steve Benford
Director of Smart Industrial Systems and Professor of Computer Science

Svetan Ratchev
Professor of Production Engineering and Director of the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing

Derek McAuley
Professor of the Digital Economy and Director of Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute

Meet more of our experts




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