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Teaching timetable

You can access and view your personalised teaching timetable here either via myCal (where you can download your timetable to your phone or tablet device via Google/Apple/Office 365) or myTimetable (online master version)

You can also access further information and frequently asked questions (FAQs) relating to Timetabling.



What you need to know

You'll need your main University username and password to view your timetable. 


1,  Please be aware that the timetable will continue to build as students change their module choices.

Therefore rooms and session times may change to accommodate these.

Please ensure that you check your timetable regularly (every 24 hours is recommended for the first 3 weeks of term) so that you maintain up to date with these changes.

If you are using myCal this will automatically refresh every 24 hours.


2,  The following students are taught in specific groups, therefore will need to use the Student Group function on the Master Online timetable - myTimetable - Nursing, Midwifery(UG), Medicine

Students who are studying Pharmacy and Graduate Entry Medicine are currently in group form as per the above, however once the School had added you to the timetable slots you will be able to access myCal and your individual student timetable.

If you are a Vet School student you will be provided with your timetable by your School.

If you want to browse your module timetables you will need to know your module code.