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Woman working on a till wearing PPE

A year on: working class women and work during the Covid-19 pandemic

The pandemic has further exposed deep gender and class inequalities

Bridge over river in Newcastle at dusk

My Blue-Green vision

Dr Emily O’Donnell explains how better protecting cities like Newcastle and Nottingham from flooding can also make them greener, healthier and more pleasant places to live

Health worker doing a Covid test

Covid transmission: what a study of Nottingham NHS staff taught us

Health workers and their families have given researchers invaluable insights into protecting against the spread of the virus, says Professor Ana M Valdes

Making way for 5G and beyond

New wave modelling is helping roll out the next digital revolution

Mathematicians are at frontline in the fight against Covid

Supercomputers are transforming the ability of policy-makers to predict complex challenges and make agile responses, says Dr Dante Kalise