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Degree apprenticeships

Degree apprenticeships

By combining real work with rigorous study, degree apprenticeships help you to develop a highly-skilled workforce.

Designed with employers, our degree apprenticeships are a cost-effective way to attract, develop and retain talent. Apprentice students don’t pay fees; funding comes from the apprenticeship levy or Government co-investment.

Information for employers

Offer ambitious employees the prospect of a world-class degree without the debt. 

We work with local, regional and national businesses to understand strategic priorities and challenges, and develop the content of each programme to offer real value. We can tailor the programme to a sector, or even specifically adapt it for your business. 

We are currently developing a range of degree apprenticeships in the following areas: 

  • Management
  • Healthcare
  • Scientific careers
  • Engineering
  • Digital and Computer Science

To find out more about our degree apprenticeship programmes, or to you develop a course for your organisation, contact our degree apprenticeships team.

Supporting your apprentice recruitment

When partnering with us, we can support your apprentice recruitment and selection process. We'll support you to recruit the best candidate for your organisation and our degree apprenticeship programme by: 

  • allocating a dedicated account manager to answer your apprentice recruitment questions
  • reviewing your apprenticeship job vacancy adverts to help ensure it attracts candidates that meet the programme criteria

  • supporting you to register your vacancy on the National Apprenticeship Service Website (external link)
  • advertising masters-level vacancies on My Career, the University’s graduate jobs portal 
  • alerting suitable candidates who have registered interest in the programme to your vacancy
  • displaying your vacancy on our degree apprenticeships web page
  • sharing your vacancy on appropriate University social media channels and networks

To find out more about recruiting an apprentice for one of our programmes please contact our employer engagement team. 

Useful links for employers

Rules and guidance for employers (PDF)

Download our Employers Guide (PDF)

Employer complaints policy (PDF)

Funding Information

Degree apprenticeship programme fees are paid for by the employer and there are a number of funding options available.

Funding eligibility depends on the number of people you employ, your company’s annual payroll and the age of the apprentice.

If you have a wage bill above £3 million, you can use your Apprenticeship Levy contributions to cover the programme fees. If you do not have sufficient levy payments to cover the full cost of the programme fees, you may be eligible for 95% government funding to cover the shortfall.

If you have a wage bill under £3 million, you can still access our programmes for your employees. You may be eligible for 95% government co-investment.

Incentive payment for hiring a new apprentice

As part of the government’s ‘Plan for Jobs’, to aid the UK’s economic recovery from COVID-19, there is a temporary incentive payment for those who hire a new apprentice between 1 August 2020 and 31 March 2021.

If apprentices meet the eligibility criteria you may be able to claim:

  • £2,000 for apprentices aged 16-24
  • £1,500 for apprentices aged 25 and over

 To be eligible the apprentice must:

  • be a new employee to the business
  • have a contract of employment start date between 1 August 2020 and 31 January 2021 (inclusive)
  • not have been employed by the employer within the six months prior to the contract start date.

To find out more about the funding options available, and your eligibility, please get in touch with our degree apprenticeship team.

Useful funding links

Apprenticeship funding

Apprenticeship funding from August 2020

Information for apprentices

A world-class degree without the debt

Degree apprenticeships offer you the chance to combine a job with a programme of academic study that awards a bachelors or masters-level qualification. And all whilst earning a salary.  

As an apprentice, you'll undertake on and off-the-job learning to develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours relevant to your job. 

If you're in employment and interested in undertaking a degree apprenticeship, speak to your employer in the first instance. If you're not in employment, you can apply for a job that's advertised as an apprenticeship, or  talk to us about specific programmes. 

Basic eligibility requirements

To be eligible for a degree apprenticeship, you must be:

  • Over 16 and live in England or a citizen of EEA countries.
  • A non-EEA citizen legally resident in the UK for at least the previous three years before the start of the apprenticeship and have the right to work in England.
  • Employed and spend at least 50% of working hours in England over the duration of the apprenticeship.
  • Qualified at Level 2 (equivalent to grades 4-9 at GCSE) or above in English and Maths. 

There will be additional academic entry requirements specific to each programme.

Useful links for apprentices

Guidance on becoming an apprentice

Apprentice Complaints Policy

Apprentice Complaints Procedure


Programmes we offer

Advanced Clinical Practitioner at Level 7

Now recruiting apprentices for January 2021.

Title: Master of Science Advanced Clinical Practice 
Mode of delivery: Day release in term time
Duration: 30 months

Course structure

History taking clinical examination
and decision making 1

History taking clinical examination
and decision making 2

Non-medical prescribing

Advanced clinical practice
portfolio project

Transition to advanced
clinical practice




Full year 



Find out more: View the full course details

To apply: Contact our degree apprenticeships team

Useful links:

The Standard for Integrated Degree Apprenticeship for Advanced Clinical Practitioner at Level 7.

Integrated Degree Apprenticeship for Advanced Clinical Practitioner
at Level 7 - EPA



Advanced Clinical Practitioner (Veterinary) at Level 7

Now recruiting apprentices for January and September 2021.

Qualifications: MSc Advanced Clinical Practice (Veterinary) and RCVS Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice (CertAVP)
Mode of delivery: Block release
Duration:  50 months, or approximately 36 months for a post-PDP professional

Course structure

Veterinary General Practice 

Advanced Clinical Practice - Cert AVP

Transition to Advanced
Clinical Practice

18 months

24 months

6 months


Find out more:
 View the full course details

To apply: Contact our degree apprenticeships team

Useful links:

The Standard for Integrated Degree Apprenticeship for Advanced Clinical Practitioner at Level 7.



Architect at Level 7

Now recruiting apprentices for September 2021.

Qualification: MArch Architecture with Collaborative Practice Research (ARB/RIBA Part 2) and Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Practice in Architecture (Part 3).
Mode of delivery: Day release on our Nottingham campus or our central London base. 
Duration: 50 months


Course structure
 Title Taught

 Practice research and development of skillset

 Year 1
 Exploration, theory, design and profession  Year 2
 Design thesis and reflective portfolio  Year 3
 Professional practice  Year 4


Find out more: View the full course details.

To apply: Contact our degree apprenticeships team

Useful links:

IfA link to standard



Bioinformatics Scientist at Level 7

Now recruiting apprentices for September 2021.

Qualification:  Bioinformatics Scientist (MRes)
Mode of delivery: Predominantly distance learning with block release on our Nottingham campus. 
Duration: 30 months

Programme overview: The Bioinformatics Scientists Degree Apprenticeship equips employees with the applied computational skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to process, analyse and interpret complex biological data in an effective and reproducible way.

Find out more: View the full course details.

To apply: Contact the Degree Apprenticeships team.

Useful links: View the full apprenticeship standard on IfA.



Data Scientist at Level 6

Now recruiting apprentices for September 2021.

Qualification: BSc (Hons) Data Science 
Mode of delivery: Block release
Duration: 48 months

Programme overview: The Data Scientist Degree Apprenticeship offers a challenging modern curriculum that will enable employees from businesses across a broad range of industries to gain a deep understanding of the area of data science. They will develop the skills to address the issues raised by large-scale data analysis and facilitate datadriven decision making.

Find out more: View the full course details.

To apply: Contact the Degree Apprenticeships team.

Useful links: View the full apprenticeship standard on IfA.



Electro-mechanical Engineer at
Level 6

Now recruiting apprentices for September 2021.

Qualification:BEng (Hons) Electro-mechanical Engineering
Mode of delivery: Block release 
Duration: 66 months

Programme overview:Our new Electro-mechanical Engineer Degree Apprenticeship produces graduates who can solve real-world problems using a combination of mechanical and electrical engineering expertise.

Our apprenticeship has been designed to deliver real-time benefits to employers. Throughout the programme apprentices will develop their skills, knowledge and behaviours working on real engineering challenges in their workplace. Contextualising their learning in real-world application. 

Find out more: View programme information

To apply: Contact the Degree Apprenticeships team.

Useful links: View the full apprenticeship standard on IfA.


Laboratory Scientist at Level 6 (chemical sciences route)

Now recruiting apprentices for October 2021.

Qualification: BSc (Hons) Chemistry with Industry
Mode of delivery: Block release on our Nottingham campus. 
Duration: 66 months

Programme overview:The Level 6 Laboratory Scientist (Chemistry) degree apprenticeship programme combines the best of research-led education with the world of work.

It gives your apprentices the opportunity to inform their academic studies with real-world experience, which enhances their learning and confidence and enables them to make significant contributions to your organisation – by refining scientific approaches, deepening research and expanding networks.

Find out more: View the full course details.

To apply: Contact the Degree Apprenticeships team.

Useful links: View the full apprenticeship standard on IfA.



Programmes in development

Social Worker Level 6

Standard details (external link)
Duration: 36 months

Take part in our programme consultation (external link)

Statement of approach to subcontracting

The University of Nottingham uses subcontractors to complement its own delivery and where enhancements to teaching and learning for apprentices can be gained by partnering with specialist providers of subject-matter expertise. Additionally it uses subcontractors for L2 English, Maths or Functional Skills provision when required (the University does not deliver teaching and learning at L2). All subcontractors are subject to the University's Subcontracting Policy and a thorough due diligence process will be undertaken by the University as main provider to satisfy itself that the subcontractor has been selected fairly and has capacity, capability, quality and a good financial business standing (with the exception of when partnering with organisations that are exempt from providing this information to the Education and Skills Funding Agency as part of the Register of Apprenticeship Training Organisations, eg HEIs monitored by OfS, or large public sector organisations). The University will make subcontractor declarations to ESFA as required and will obtain an independent auditors report where subcontracting exceeds £100,000 annually.

The University provides the following services:

  • Review of capacity, capability and readiness prior to contract start
  • Assessment of subcontractors costs against Education and Skills Funding Agency apprenticeship funding rules (where the employer is the delivery subcontractor, special conditions are applied)
  • On-programme QA monitoring and review
  • Gaining employer and apprentice feedback on subcontracted provision 
  • Working with subcontractor to improve and refine programme content 

The University retains a nominal fee from the total funding for each apprentice for management of subcontracted activity. These fees are reviewed regularly and are adjusted as appropriate.  

Degree apprenticeship programmes that include subcontracting:

All programmes - Level 2 Functional Skills 

Subcontractor name: Nottingham College

Rationale for subcontracting: To fill gaps in niche or expert provision.

Level 7 Advanced Clinical Practitioner 

Subcontractor name: Department of Research and Education in Emergency and Acute Medicine (DREEAM).

Rationale for subcontracting: To fill gaps in niche or expert provision.



Why choose the University of Nottingham?

By partnering with an institution celebrated for its academic excellence, pioneering research, employability and world-leading campuses and facilities, your business will be able to attract, retain and develop talent. 

  • We’re ranked in the world’s top 100 universities and the UK’s top 15 by the latest QS World University Rankings (2018).
  • The UK’s Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) in 2017 rated Nottingham ‘gold’ for teaching and learning.
  • We were ranked 8th in the UK for research power in the latest Research Excellence Framework (2014).


Accommodation Facilities

Apprentices studying with us at the University of Nottingham as part of a degree apprenticeship do not qualify for student accommodation, and accommodation arrangements and costs are not included in any of our degree apprenticeship programmes. However, if you need to arrange accommodation on any of our campuses for an apprentice, please let us know and we'll do our best to signpost you to a number of possible accommodation options.

On-campus accommodation

There are two fully-serviced hotels on our University Park and Jubilee campuses which offer short stay visitors affordable and convenient accommodation. Our onsite facilities create an ideal place for apprentices to submerse themselves into an effective learning environment, whilst also providing high standard accommodation expected by professional learners.

There are also a number of accommodation options available in University of Nottingham student residences and in the city centre close to the University campus.



Ready to transform your business? 

To explore how your business will benefit from degree apprenticeships, get in touch with our team.


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